A Door with a Voice: Micro-Review!

Thanks to Karissa Knox Sorrell for this micro-review and recommendation of A Door with a Voice!

“A Door With a Voice by Katie Manning is an exceptional collection of poems whose words come from chapters in the Bible. Manning’s idea was to take the final chapter of different books of the Bible and use them as word banks to create poems. I love how Manning deconstructs the language and reconstructs it to create her own powerful narratives.”

And how wonderful to have my work recommended alongside Maggie Smith-Beehler and Sandy Marchetti!


The Gospel of the Bleeding Woman Turns 3

With everything else going on, I almost missed wishing a happy 3 years to my first chapbook, The Gospel of the Bleeding Woman! It has a beautiful cover, but I especially love seeing adorned with a barcode and Dewey decimal number. Library books are cool.
June 13 012
If you want to celebrate with me, you could ask your local library to order a copy. Or you could send me a message and buy a signed copy for yourself or someone else (KatMann @ gmail.com). Bonus points if you do all of the above and send me pictures of you with the book. 😉

Poetry Has Value: April

Here is my April post, in which I wonder, “What if poetry’s value is greater than money? What if I respect my poems enough not to send them to journals that don’t meet my standards for quality or human decency, regardless of how much those journals pay for poems?”

Hugo House Reading - 2016