Lovely Review & Cyber Monday

I just found a really, really lovely review of The Gospel of the Bleeding Woman online. I do recall that the editor of Quill & Parchment said someone would review the book, but then I never actually saw the review when it went live.

I’m not really good at selling my own poetry, but I’ll go ahead and throw this idea out there: this book is a potentially good gift purchase for Cyber Monday. ;) If you want to be extra cool and get a signed copy (and actually let me make a few dollars), then you can buy directly from me with a private message to KatMann @

Some Days I Get to Be a Poet

I got to visit my poet-friend Nicelle’s class yesterday evening at Antelope Valley College, and her students were so wonderfully engaged and thoughtful in their observations and questions about The Gospel of the Bleeding Woman. Then Nicelle took me out to a fantastic Thai dinner with two of her high school poetry club students. For someone who loves poetry, people, and Thai food, this was as close to perfect as an evening gets. :) Thanks, Nicelle!

Visiting Nicelle's Class - 10.1.14

Review of The Gospel of the Bleeding Woman

There is a lovely review of The Gospel of the Bleeding Woman in Religious Studies Review (40.1).

The editor who corresponded with me about the review joked that he “would consider maiming someone for so favorable a review.” I told him that I’m pretty nonviolent, but I’d consider baking many cookies for so favorable a review. :)

I don’t know the reviewer at all, but if Bobby Caudle Rogers ever sees this: thank you for your time, for your thoughtful reading of my poetry, and for your generous affirmation.

I Awake in My Womb: Year 1

Happy anniversary to my third chapbook, I Awake in My Womb!

I Awake in My Womb cover

These poems are based on dreams that I had immediately before and during pregnancy, and this chapbook has been fun for me to revisit now that I’m pregnant again. I’m glad that my dreams have not been so vivid or fraught this time around, but I’m also glad that I captured the bizarre manifestations of my anxiety the first time!

Two of the poems from this chapbook were nominated for The Pushcart Prize: thanks for that, Yellow Flag Press and Thrush Press!

You can read a few of these poems in online journals: “The Well” in elimae, “The Dream Job” in Fiction Southeast, and “The Minor Mutation” in TRIVIA.

Although this limited edition chapbook is out of stock from YFP now, I have a few contributor’s copies left to sell, so contact me if you’re interested.

I’ll close this anniversary post with the note from my acknowledgements page: “Thanks to Marthe Reed for her invaluable feedback on these poems and for our many talks about pregnancy and motherhood; to J. Bruce Fuller of Yellow Flag Press for his enthusiastic affirmation; to Elliott for simply being; and to Jon for sharing all of the identity crises, horrors, and profound joys of parenting with me.”