Poetry Has Value

I’ve joined Jessica Piazza’s Poetry Has Value project for 2016, meaning I’ll be keeping a public record of my poetry submissions, fees, acceptances, payment, and rejections. I’m excited (and somewhat terrified) to be part of this!

If you’d like to see the parameters of my project and/or if you’d like to read a specific list of things I fear, here is my introductory post.


Rock & Sling Contributor Note

My contributor note about my current poetry project is featured today on Rock & Sling’s website! Thanks, Thom Caraway and company!

Rock & Sling Cover

“This project began because I was tired of people taking language from the Bible out of context and using it as a weapon against other people, so I decided to take language from the Bible out of context and create art…”

TAB: The Journal of Poetry & Poetics

My paper on Elizabeth Alexander’s inaugural poem, “Praise Song for the Day,” was just accepted for publication in TAB: The Journal of Poetry & Poetics.

I’ve been working on this off and on since 2010, and I’m so thrilled that it’s found a good home! I’ll certainly post a link here when the paper is published.

Jesus at the Poetry Circus

The Poetry Circus in Griffith Park on September 19 was incredible. Nicelle Davis gathered somewhere around 30 poets together for the program and made everything magical. I wish we could have a poetry circus every weekend! I loved hearing so many amazing poets perform their work.

I broke out my Jesus costume for the occasion, and I had a great time posing for photos and trading/selling copies of The Gospel of the Bleeding Woman. I read a poem from that collection and a poem from a new collection-in-progress. I got a collective “Amen” from the audience, and it was good. :)


One person told me, “I’m sorry. I don’t believe in you.” I said, “That’s okay. I’m still here.”

Whale Road Review

I’m realizing my dream of starting a new literary journal. Welcome, Whale Road Review!

Whale Road Review is a journal of poetry and short prose. It will contain short creative work (everything under 500 words) that lingers long after it’s read. It will also include short pedagogy papers and a range of reviews. It will be simply designed and mobile friendly. The first issue will be published in December 2015.

Please like WRR on Facebook and Twitter, and send some work!

Whale Road Review Logo!