Two Poems in Relief

I’m excited to have my poems “God in the Shower” and “Mother Mary Comes to Be” in the new issue of Relief, alongside incredible poems by Luci Shaw, Tania Runyan, Julie L. Moore, and Gary Charles Wilkens.

You can buy a copy of Relief 8.1 here.

Relief contents Relief poem 1 Relief poem 2

Thoughts on The Poetry Circus (or How to Read Poetry Like a Mother)

Nicelle Davis put on an amazing event! On Saturday, Feb. 28, 10 poets read at the freakishly fast carousel in Griffith Park (and other strange and wonderful things happened too). See the video here.

Poetry Circus

Also, buy Nicelle’s new book, In the Circus of You, here. It’s amazing too!

I had expected to go to this event without my family, but then I couldn’t bring myself to leave my poetry-and-carousel-loving 3 year old at home, so my husband and sons came with me.

 Mar 02 032

I read bizarre pregnancy dream poems from my chapbook I Awake in My Womb. I made it through most of my reading just fine, but before my last poem, I saw my Elliott’s crumpled sad face in the back of the crowd. He wanted mommy and the microphone. I decided in a moment that I cared less about appearing “polished” and more about letting my son know that I’d stop the world for him, so I called him up to me. He said hello in the microphone, and I read the last poem with him on my hip.

Mar 02 040 Poetry Circus - Elliott  Poetry Circus - Reading with Elliott


Lovely Review & Cyber Monday

I just found a really, really lovely review of The Gospel of the Bleeding Woman online. I do recall that the editor of Quill & Parchment said someone would review the book, but then I never actually saw the review when it went live.

I’m not really good at selling my own poetry, but I’ll go ahead and throw this idea out there: this book is a potentially good gift purchase for Cyber Monday. 😉 If you want to be extra cool and get a signed copy (and actually let me make a few dollars), then you can buy directly from me with a private message to KatMann @