January 2018, or “What’s All This? Step in Time!”

January was bizarre for me in many ways, but I’ll stick to poetry news in this post. Several pieces that were accepted throughout 2017 were published all at once this month. The first 3 journals even went live on the same day!

I ended the month with 21 poems appearing in 6 journals and 1 anthology. If I have nothing else published in 2018, I should still feel like this was a good publication year.


The Book of Am” in Ovenbird Poetry

I Dream That I Secrete Honey” and “Scrabble with E.B. White” in Drunk Monkeys

5 pieces from 28,065 Nights in Qu:* “The First Day of Our Second Year Without You,” “How to Use Vanilla,” “I Was Afraid It Would Be Empty,” “After Your Strokes…,” and “Your Death Explained in Birds”

5 poems in Five:2:One: “The Book of On,” “The Book of Thirst,” “The Book of Seconds,” “The Book of Were,” and “The Book of Torn Fish”


“When I Hear That You Are Dead” and “Enkidu Writes a Letter to Eve” in Saint Katherine Review**

Saint Katherine Review

“The Book of Genes” in TAB: The Journal of Poetry & Poetics***

TAB Editor Anna Leahy says, “If you’d like a copy mailed to you, please send an old-fashioned check for $10 made out to Chapman University to TAB, Dept. of English, Chapman University, One University Drive, Orange, CA 92866.” There will also be free copies of this incredible postcard issue of TAB available at AWP!

 “Sleeping Beauty’s Mother,” “Wendy Lady,” “The Story of Grandmother,” “Baba Yaga’s Answer,” and “Beauty to the Beast” in Fairy Tales and Folklore Re-imagined, an anthology from Between the Lines Publishing****

Fairy Tales & Folklore Re-imagined

Coming Soon

I’ve just updated my Events page to include newly scheduled readings and presentations in Indianapolis, South Bend, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and everywhere (online) between now and July.


*These prose poems are especially important to me. They’re from the manuscript about/to my Granny.

**These poems are also extra special. “When I Hear That You Are Dead” is for my late poet friend, Brett Foster.

***I’m so honored to be in this issue of TAB with Hadara Bar-Nadav (my MA professor who taught me how to submit for publication), and with Denise Duhamel and E. Ethelbert Miller, poets I admire. TAB has a new design every issue, and I love this postcard format.

****I’m so thrilled that Ellen Huang, my TA and friend, also has 7 short stories in this anthology, You should definitely get a copy of this one and read it at bedtime.

A Long December, or 2017 in Review

News from December: I published the second anniversary issue of Whale Road Review, and it is just gorgeous. The Cresset also published a really wonderful review of Tasty Other. I’m so grateful for Rebekah Denison Hewitt’s thoughtful examination of my book!

As for 2017, my time as a Poetry Has Value blogger in 2016 definitely changed the way I submitted my work for publication. I aimed for more paying and top-tier journals than ever before. Here are my stats:

Submissions: 87
Acceptances: 17 (38 poems total)
Paying acceptances: The Cresset, The American Journal of Nursing, Ryga, and Qu ($175 so far, with $100 U.S. and $200 Canadian pending).
Rejections: 48
Still pending: 18
Publications: 13 poems in 9 journals and anthologies (Ink & Letters, The American Journal of Nursing, UnLost Journal, Rogue Agent, The Cresset, Heron Tree, Psaltery & Lyre, The Nice Cage, San Diego Poetry Annual)

For 2018, I hope to spend more time writing and revising, to pull together a new manuscript, and to keeping submitting work widely. I already got my first acceptance and my first rejection of 2018 on January 2 within hours of each other. 🙂

Next up: I’ll be reading poetry tomorrow night at 7 at San Diego Writers, Ink in Liberty Station with Anna DiMartino and Michael Mark.


November News

After an October full of my sons’ birthdays, lots of grading, and Halloween festivities (side note: we were awesome in our Super Mario Bros. costumes), November was full of poetry.

Photo by Sarah Butterfield

UMKC, my masters alma mater, brought me out to Kansas City to give a poetry reading at The Writers Place. I loved reading in the company of Jermaine Thompson, Bonnie Bolling, and Jason Ryberg, and I loved being in that wonderful venue full of friendly faces. It was a bittersweet event though; my thesis advisor, Michelle Boisseau, passed away the day before I got to town. I closed my reading with one of my favorite poems of hers. I’m grateful for her guidance and for the way she pushed me forward in my writing.

Photo by Natasha Ria El-Scari

The next day, I also led a workshop at The Writers Place on revising and submitting work for publication, Later that afternoon, I got to read poetry alongside Karen Craigo at the Johnson County Library’s Leawood branch. All around, I felt so celebrated by my mentors, grad school peers, and friends. These events were a wonderful way to celebrate Tasty Other‘s first year of publication! 

I was also pleased at the end of November to have two of my poems, “The Book of Us” and “The Book of Cons,” published in Issue 6 of Ink & Letters, which is available for purchase here.

I wish us all a December that’s just as full of good poetry and good people.

August & September Readings

I was so busy giving readings and talks (and starting the semester, and parenting two small humans, and publishing a new issue of Whale Road Review, and…) in August and September that I didn’t post about the readings here, so I will do that now.

I was the featured poet at Speak for Yourself in Provo, UT, mid-August, and I had a wonderful time hearing some young writers, meeting Trish Hopkinson, and visiting with my sister.

Speak for Yourself

I was honored to perform in The Poetry Circus in Griffith Park once again, this time with a full line up of women. Nicelle Davis makes the most magical events happen!

The Poetry Circus

On the first day of September, I drove up to Santa Monica to be a featured reader at The Rapp Saloon Reading Series. I loved hearing the other poets (Martin Ott and Julayne Lee), seeing a college friend, and spending some time with Cynthia Alessandra Briano.

The Rapp Saloon Reading Series

On September 18, I was thrilled to be the first poet for this fall’s Tabula Poetica Reading Series at Chapman University. I recorded a podcast with Mike Gravagno, gave a talk about connecting as writers, visited Victoria Chang’s wonderful graduate students, enjoyed dinner with Anna Leahy and Richard Bausch, and gave an evening reading to such a responsive and wonderful audience. What an awesome day!

Tabula Poetica Reading Series

“Baga Undone” in the American Journal of Nursing

I’m so thrilled to have a poem in the American Journal of Nursing this month. It’s fun to say that I have a poem in a peer-reviewed nursing journal, but it’s especially wonderful that it is this poem, which I wrote to honor those who died in the Baga massacre of January 2015. I’m glad that this poem is finding readers.

PCA, New Alchemy, & Unlost Journal

The end of the semester would’ve been busy enough, but we’ve also had my spouse’s surprise cancer, surgery, and chemo treatments. Although April and May haven’t been the most productive writing and publishing months for me, I do have some good poetry-related updates.

The PCA/ACA conference was wonderful as always. I loved seeing all of the poetry presentations and sharing poems from Tasty Other. I was also honored to receive the Felicia Campbell Area Chair Award!

I got to read on April 19 at the New Alchemy Poetry Series, which is newly relocated at Lestat’s West. What a cool venue, and what a great night of sharing my poems and hearing others read during the open mic.

In May, my poem “The Book of Icons” from my Bible word banking project was published in Unlost Journal.

This week, Tasty Other turned 6 months old! I joked about doing a mock-baby photo shoot with a chalkboard of fun facts about the book, but I’m not that silly (or perhaps I just don’t have the time right now… I am that silly).

Next up: I’ll be participating in a local author book signing this coming Friday, June 2, from 6-8 p.m. at Liberty Station, Barracks 16 (co-sponsored by SD Writers, Ink and Comickaze).

Tasty Other in Literary Mama

Here’s another wonderful, thoughtful review of Tasty Other. Thanks, Juli Anna Herndon and Literary Mama!

“Katie Manning’s collection of poems, Tasty Other, which won the Main Street Rag Poetry Book Award in 2016, examines motherhood with a fresh, acerbic eye and an imaginative wit. While not lacking in tenderness, Manning eschews sentimentality in order to dissect the daydreams and nightmares of the new mother in fantastical detail.”

Tasty Other in Mom Egg Review

What a lovely review of Tasty Other! Thanks, Anne Britting Oleson and Mom Egg Review!

“For in that sleep…what dreams may come,” said Hamlet. He was speaking of death, but in Katie Manning’s new collection, Tasty Other, many of the poems stem from the way the hopes, fears, and hormones of pregnancy make themselves known through our subconscious and our dreamscapes. It’s the fear of the unknown: will I be a good mother? Will my baby be a boy or girl? Will my child be “normal” (whatever that means)? Manning’s poems channel some of the answers a mother-to-be might wake up with, answers which are by turn hilarious, frightening, and heartbreaking. [read more]

AWP, Biola, & A Turn for the Verse

Life has been and continues to be chaotic, but sometimes it’s chaotic in wonderful poetic ways. Here’s a quick update about my recent readings.

In mid-February, I had an awesome time attending the AWP conference in D.C. I did some daily updates on social media (feel free to find me on Facebook and Twitter!), so I won’t try to re-capture every detail here. It is always wonderful to be in the presence of so many writers, and I enjoyed getting to read from Tasty Other on the Voices of Main Street panel.

Voices of Main Street

Voices of Main Street

Over my spring break, Chris Davidson brought me up to Biola University as a guest poet. I gave a reading with novelist Paul Buchanan, and the next morning I visited Vision, Voice, and Practice, an incredible hybrid art and writing course.

Reading at Biola

Reading at Biola

On March 10, I got to read at the Meraki Cafe in San Diego for a reading series called A Turn for the Verse. I loved hearing poetry from Bill Harding and fiction from Keenan Colditz, and this was such a fun, responsive audience to my Tasty Other poems.

I’ve got a couple of San Diego readings coming up in April, so please visit my Events page for details.