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Nevermore, Review, & Interviews

Life has been full of the very bad and the very good. I’ll share some of the good…

On Oct. 29, I was a featured reader at the Nevermore Free Poetry Festival in Van Nuys, and it was an amazing experience. Thanks, Nicelle Davis, for making magical things happen. I definitely need more full-day poetry festivals and Poe-inspired costumes in my life. I probably need to wear black lipstick more frequently too…


Photo by Edwin Vasquez

In the last few weeks, I’ve been the featured poet in WTH Weekly (thanks, Cassie Paton!) and A Door with a Voice has received a review in Mom Egg Review. Speaking of Marvels also just published an interview with me about A Door with a Voice with some deeply thoughtful questions from R Vinoshini Naidoo.

I’ve had a few poems accepted for publication in the last few weeks too, which feels great, of course. Thanks, Yellow Chair Review, San Diego Poetry Annual, and Candlesticks & Daggers!

Next up: Tasty Other, my first full-length poetry book, will be released next week! I’ve been setting up readings and will soon create an Events page with all of my “book tour” information (and I will let myself feel like a rock star for at least a minute).

Review: A Door with a Voice at Tarpaulin Sky

Noh Anothai had me at Sappho. 🙂 Here is an excerpt from his review of A Door with a Voice:

“Like Sappho in reverse, Manning ‘[uses] the last chapter of one book from the Bible as a wordbook’ for each poem. She thus shatters the world’s most widely read religious text and creates sixteen miniature mosaics out of the broken pieces.”

What a thoughtful and thought-provoking review! Thanks, Noh, Tarpaulin Sky, Fox, and Agape Editions!

A Door with a Voice: Micro-Review!

Thanks to Karissa Knox Sorrell for this micro-review and recommendation of A Door with a Voice!

“A Door With a Voice by Katie Manning is an exceptional collection of poems whose words come from chapters in the Bible. Manning’s idea was to take the final chapter of different books of the Bible and use them as word banks to create poems. I love how Manning deconstructs the language and reconstructs it to create her own powerful narratives.”

And how wonderful to have my work recommended alongside Maggie Smith-Beehler and Sandy Marchetti!


Lovely Review & Cyber Monday

I just found a really, really lovely review of The Gospel of the Bleeding Woman online. I do recall that the editor of Quill & Parchment said someone would review the book, but then I never actually saw the review when it went live.

I’m not really good at selling my own poetry, but I’ll go ahead and throw this idea out there: this book is a potentially good gift purchase for Cyber Monday. 😉 If you want to be extra cool and get a signed copy (and actually let me make a few dollars), then you can buy directly from me with a private message to KatMann @

Review of The Gospel of the Bleeding Woman

There is a lovely review of The Gospel of the Bleeding Woman in Religious Studies Review (40.1).

The editor who corresponded with me about the review joked that he “would consider maiming someone for so favorable a review.” I told him that I’m pretty nonviolent, but I’d consider baking many cookies for so favorable a review. 🙂

I don’t know the reviewer at all, but if Bobby Caudle Rogers ever sees this: thank you for your time, for your thoughtful reading of my poetry, and for your generous affirmation.